oDoc provides online healthcare services to organisations

oDoc, one of the first companies to launch a healthcare app in Sri Lanka, has taken the venture one step further offering premium online healthcare services to organisations and business establishments in the country.

Specifically targeted at businesses and corporates, oDoc for business provides companies the facility to subscribe for healthcare advice at a minimal monthly cost of Rs.60 per employee granting them access to unlimited medical consultations for the employee and three family members.

Co-Founder and CEO, Heshan Fernando, said, “We were driven with the intention of making healthcare easily accessible, affordable and truly personal and put our shoulder to the wheel to drive this initiative to what it is today. Thus far we have over 65 corporates who have signed up with us to obtain this service for the benefit of their employees.

“We saw a marked increase in interest in healthcare during the past few months. Many organisations and factories have signed up for this facility to attend to their employees’ medical needs. It has become the need of the hour. Corporates are investing in the wellbeing of the employees who are their largest asset,” he said.

oDoc has also made arrangements to install digital devices such as tabs supported with the oDoc app in the medical or sick rooms at various factories. The on-site nurses are trained to use oDoc and attend to the needs of the workers. In the instance of corporate organisations, employees are able to download the app onto their smart devices and access the services.

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