oDoc for Teams.

Unlimited free video consultations with GPs for your whole team and their families. At only 990 per month.*

*Only teams with 55 members or less are eligible for this package.

High quality Healthcare, at a super Affordable price.

24/7 access to a doctor, within 3 minutes

Get instant advice from a medical professional when and where you need it. 

Unlimited consultations for the whole family

Your oDoc subscription covers your entire team, and their families.

Reduce absenteeism & increase productivity

A healthier team is a more productive team (and one that takes far less sick leave)

சந்தா கட்டண விபரங்கள்


Per Month /
(For teams with up to 55 members)

Covers the employee’s entire family

Unlimited free consultations 

24/7 access 

Valid e-prescriptions 

Personalized medical content.

& much more.

Our customers include:

“Partnering with oDoc has proved very valuable to us. Absenteeism rates have fallen, productivity has improved, and our employees have benefited greatly. I would encourage businesses to embrace telemedicine, and I’m happy to be among the first teams in the country to offer this to my staff.”

Samath Gammampila - Country Manager at Aramex

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