oDoc Claims Processing Agent (Full time/ Part-time)

We are looking for a responsible, punctual, and experienced individual to join the team as a Claims Processing Agent. As a team member, you will receive orders from a supervisor to retrieve insurance claims documents and process them for administrative purposes. The claims processing agent must maintain a professional demeanor and appearance to be an ambassador for our brand. Our ideal candidate should possess educational qualifications up until GCE (O/Ls), handle smart devices, and converse fluently in two languages (Sinhala, Tamil, or English). The candidate should also have a keen eye for detail, safe driving skills, and a thorough knowledge of navigating across designated locations in Sri Lanka.


       • Will be responsible for the collection of claims documents from pick up locations.
       • Will be responsible for the processing and submission of these documents to a designated supervisor.
       • Will plan out daily pick up routes.
       • Should make arrangements for the original documents to be dispatched to a dedicated endpoint via a courier service or registered post
       • Ability to build strong client relationships


      • GCE (O/L) certification – Pass
      • Valid driving license
      • Fluent in two languages (Sinhala, Tamil, or English)
      • Must be available for dispatch when necessary, at any given the time of day inclusive of both weekdays and weekends
      • Must own a motorbike or a motor vehicle
      • Must possess a smartphone device
      • Should be able to meet deadlines given by the supervisor
      • Prior experience in delivery or a courier service would be an added advantage


Selected candidates would be entitled to a fixed monthly allowance followed by a claims dispatch bonus. An added bonus will be offered for the timely delivery of each task

Email your CV to [email protected]
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